True Roll Center Shaft Silver Satin Finish Mini TR-iii Putter

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"True Roll Mini" is now available as a true roll putter with a cylindrical head that has been featured on TV and is currently a hot topic!

The total length of the head is less than half of the normal length, making it approximately the same size as the ball.

Because the overall length of the head is short, it will not roll properly unless you keep hitting the ball firmly on the center, so you can also use it as a practice tool to catch the ball on the center, so you can expect to improve your putting technique!

You can alternately hit a few balls at a time with your regular putter and this True Roll Mini on the practice green before a round to increase your concentration before starting, or you can take it out onto the course as is.

Since the putter is tightly packed, it has a soft feel on impact, making it an item that customers really want to experience the good feel of on impact!

You can use it for practice and practice while maintaining the rolling goodness of True Roll Theory!

Features of this product

true roll golf putter
true roll golf putter
true roll golf putter
true roll golf putter
true roll golf putter
true roll golf putter


true roll golf putter
▲Original grip
true roll golf putter

Mr. Sheldon Long, president of Tru-Roll Putter Company in the United States, has been active as a PGA certified instructor and club fitter since 2003.

In particular, he has been avidly researching putting, and in 2005 he discovered that ``a rounded face gives the ball more straightness than a flat face,'' inspired by agricultural equipment. ,discovered.

The prototype putter with a rounded face solved his putting problems like never before.

I decided I wanted to share this discovery with as many people as possible, so I developed the Tru-Roll putter, which has a cylindrical head.

*The "Tru-Roll Putter" has been approved by the USGA and The R&A rules.

true roll golf putter
true roll golf putter

The result is a functionally designed putter based on numerous test results and the developer's years of experience, resulting in a cylindrical head putter with a unique appearance that is immediately recognizable as different from ordinary putters.

Although it has a simple shape, it is different from existing putters and arouses the curiosity of those who see it for the first time.

true roll golf putter

A typical putter has a loft angle of around 3 degrees. The loft angle at impact has a large effect on straightness and rolling distance.

However, many golfers are unable to putt accurately, so they are unable to hit the ball and face at the same angle.

The ``Tru-Roll putter'' has a cylindrical head, so the angle of contact with the ball remains constant even at impact.

The putting of an average golfer with unstable rolling. The "Tru-Roll putter" solves the loft angle problem that is the cause of this problem.

true roll golf putter

Normally, the feel of a golf club, including a putter, is greatly influenced by the thickness of the back of the face. If the thickness of the back of the face is thick, the ball tends to feel soft at impact, while a thin face tends to cause the ball to be hit carelessly or to feel hard at impact.

Since the ``Tru-Roll putter'' has a cylindrical head, the diameter of the cylindrical head corresponds to the thickness of the back of the face, giving it a very soft feel at impact.

The softness of the shot feel is a very important point in determining the sense of distance when putting.

true roll golf putter

[Q] Regarding loft consistency

A typical putter is affected by the loft, so you won't be able to hit a good putt unless you make an accurate stroke.
If you can't make accurate strokes, it will be difficult to control distance.

true roll golf putter

[A] No matter what stroke you putt, it will not affect the loft.

True Roll putters have no effect on loft no matter what stroke you putt.

By increasing your tolerance for error and reducing the number of putts, you can improve your score.

[A] Reverse rotation and slip can be eliminated.

When you putt with the round face of a True Roll putter, the ball rolls completely differently.

Hitting with a round face allows for more accurate ball movement and eliminates reverse rotation and slippage.

When putting, it becomes easier to match the sense of distance and realizes a good roll in the target direction.

[Q] Regarding mis-hit tolerance

When putting with a regular putter, do you ever end up making a duff putt by touching the green?

Mis-hitting results in more putts and lower scores.

[A] Because there is less contact surface, it is more resistant to mistakes.

By putting with a true roll putter, even if you duff, the round shape will make you more resistant to mistakes because there is less ground contact.

Even if you make a mistake, the quality of your putting will not deteriorate significantly, which will ultimately lead to a higher score.

1. The address is flat

Minimize the floating of the toe as much as possible, and position yourself so that the entire sole is in contact with the ground.

More forward rotation occurs from launch than other putters with flat faces.

Therefore, it is less affected by the slope and grass grain, and it is just right to read the launch line shallowly.

2. Stroke is low and long

Stroke from the equator of the head upwards to the ball's equator.

A long, low stroke also helps stabilize direction.

The cylindrical head and round sole make it difficult to duff, and even if it comes into contact with the ground during a stroke, it will not be affected and will not cause a short circuit.

3. Don't hit the uppercut

It is designed to take forward rotation from launch with its original performance.

If you try to apply forward rotation and stroke to the upper trajectory, the ball will hit the ground and bounce, making it not roll properly!


head material SUS304 (soft stainless steel)
finishing silver satin finish
neck shape center neck
lie angle 71
Length (inch) 33,34
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