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Golf is a sport that competes not for distance, but for fewer strokes, so it is important to have the ball in the cup .

It's a must-have club to reduce your score, but I feel that few people are as important as the driver.

The KEY PERSON STANDING PUTTER is a revolutionary product for golfers who are having trouble finding a putter.

The size and weight of the head, the carbon shaft, and the lightweight grip of this putter are designed to stand up on its own even on a moderate slope .

You can check the direction at address while the putter is standing on its own, so you can correct any misalignment, which gives you a sense of security.

In addition, since the lie angle is constant when held , the probability of hitting with the core of the putter is increased .

The direction the ball rolls is determined by the orientation of the face. It is a feeling that you can stroke automatically if you start by matching the face direction.

The feel is a little stiff, but you can feel the hardness and core of the ball.

Since the face height is low and the ball can be hit near the equator, a natural upper trajectory and good rolling can be achieved .

key person putter
key person putter
key person putter
key person putter


head material 431 stainless steel
face type/material CNC milling face/431 stainless steel
Loft angle (°) 3.0
Lie angle (°) 72.0
length (inch) 33,34,35
neck type slant neck
shaft KP putter original lightweight carbon
grip name KP putter original lightweight grip
grip size 265mm
Grip weight (g) 15
weight (g) 477 to 481±
accessories Dedicated head cover
country of origin China

Release date: 2023

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