lorMade TP Truss Truss Center M2TC Putter

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Taylormade putter
Taylormade putter
Taylormade putter
Taylormade putter
Taylormade putter

"TP TRUSS 23'" scheduled to be released on 5.26
A new "carbon composite truss hosel" is installed in the TRUSS putter series, which combines traditional shapes with advanced functions.
"TP TRUSS ('23)" putter with improved tolerance and stability is released as a Japanese original model.

Taylormade putter

TaylorMade exclusive truss hosel
The "truss hosel", which hangs the head with a triangular truss structure, suppresses the twisting of the neck that occurs when the impact blurs (mis-hit).
While the head shape is easy to hold, it exhibits straightness.

Taylormade putter

Improved feel and sound
A new carbon composite truss hosel with a sandwich structure in which the center of the hosel is hollowed out and a shock absorbing material is sandwiched between carbon layers.
At the same time as optimizing the position of the center of gravity, it absorbs the impact at impact and creates a comfortable feel and sound.

Taylormade putter

The "PURE ROLL" insert made of composite material provides a soft and mild feel.
The 45-degree downward grooves improve the topspin of the entire ball, creating efficient forward rotation and supporting smooth rolling.

Taylormade putter

classical shape
Lineup of 7 types of head designs: blade type (4 types), mallet type (1 type), horn type (2 types).
The luxurious hydroblast manufacturing method and 303 stainless steel preferred by tour players are used to achieve a mild hitting feel and a calm hitting sound.

Taylormade putter
Taylormade putter
Taylormade putter


Taylormade putter

▲ Dedicated head cover


head material Soft stainless steel (303SS) + carbon composite truss hosel
face type/material Equipped with PURE ROLL 3mm thick insert / ionomer (Surlyn) + aluminum
Loft angle (°) 3.0
Lie angle (°) 70
Length (inch) 33 34
neck type truss center
Balance type (toe hang angle) Face balance (0°)
shaft TaylorMade Stepped Putter Chrome Steel Shaft
grip TM LAMKIN SINK FIT SKINNY BK-BK-CP (Diameter 58/79g)
sole weight weight 12g x 2 pieces 7.5g x 2 pieces
accessories Dedicated head cover (magnet type)
country of origin Body/dedicated head cover: China

*This specification is a calculated value and a provisional value.
(!) The weight is non-detachable. Surlyn is a registered trademark of DuPont.

Release date: May 26, 2023

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