Onoff Lady Driver SMOOTH KICK LP-423D Graphite Shaft

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onoff lady driver
onoff lady driver
onoff lady driver
onoff lady driver
onoff lady driver

Introducing a driver designed exclusively for ladies that allows you to fly gently with new features that focus on distance performance.

Designed exclusively for ONOFF LADY, making it easier to swing, stronger, higher, and farther. The ONOFF DRIVER LADY has been reborn as a driver that you can hold more comfortably and fly gently.

New power trench exclusively designed for lady models

onoff lady driver

A unique sole groove = power trench designed in pursuit of distance performance and a head that is resistant to mistakes. The entire face flexes and restores to achieve both flight and gentleness. By placing the power trench on the face side and making it a single trench (groove) that is thicker and deeper than the previous model, it supports the repulsive force of the face and achieves a further increase in flight distance.

The new power trench flexes to fly and is strong against off-center hits.

onoff lady driver

A power trench that transforms the entire face into a high muzzle velocity area reduces flight distance loss due to off-center hits. It realizes more flight and gentleness than ever before.

Minimize flight distance loss, new back face structure

Onoff Driver

Not only has the repulsion performance been improved, but the repulsion area has also expanded, and the synergistic effect with the power trench makes the hit point more stable and brings a greater flight distance. The central part is thicker to increase the resilience of the toe and heel.

Optimal center of gravity design exclusively for the ready model, allowing you to fly with a strong ball

Onoff Driver

The optimum center-of-gravity design (gravity control) achieves the optimum center-of-gravity angle for lady golfers. By increasing the angle of the center of gravity, which leads to easier catching, we have created a driver that makes it easier to catch the ball, less likely to slice, and more powerful to hit the ball.

A driver that is strong in straightness and easy to set up

Onoff Driver

The volume of the head is increased, and the sense of security when holding it is improved. Due to the high moment of inertia design, it is difficult to turn and has strong straightness. The "ONOFF" logo on the back side serves as a guide, making it easy to swing in the correct direction.

Exclusive shaft SMOOTH KICK LP-423D developed to match the head

onoff lady driver

Onofreddy's original shaft developed and designed to match the large head. The setting of the middle tone that the shaft bends as a whole and the timing is easy to take. By slimming down the tip to reduce air resistance, this original shaft increases head speed while suppressing blurring at impact, allowing the ball to be thrown straighter and farther.

Coaching grip that anyone can easily do the same grip

onoff lady driver

A coaching grip with a pattern that allows you to easily make the same grip every time by simply aligning your thumb with the pattern on the grip and grasping it. Since you can grip the club without hesitation, you can make a stable shot.

onoff lady driver


onoff lady driver

▲ONOFF CG Lady with Purple Backline

onoff lady driver

▲ Dedicated head cover


head material Rolled 6‐4Ti face + 811Ti cast body
Loft angle (°) 13.0 11.5
Lie angle (°) 62.5 61.5
Face angle (°) +1.5
Head volume (cc) 450
shaft hardness L. A.
club length (inch) 43.75 44.5
Weight (g) 262 275
balance C2 C4
grip name ONOFF CG Lady 29 (29g) ONOFF CG Lady 35 (35g)
Grip weight (g) 29 35
country of origin Japan
shaft name SMOOTH KICK LP-423D
shaft hardness L. A.
Shaft weight (g) 37 47
Torque (°) 7.0 5.7
kick point middle tone
Appropriate head speed (m/s) ~34 ~38

Release date: March 2023

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