Bridgestone Pro Replica Model Cart CBG301 Caddy Bag

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Bridgestone caddy bag
Bridgestone caddy bag
Bridgestone caddy bag
Bridgestone caddy bag
Bridgestone caddy bag

A replica model of the caddy bag used by our contracted pros in the 2011 season.
The B mark is placed on the right side of the main body, the Bridgestone golf logo is placed on the left side, and the design has a solid feeling like a professional model with molded parts.
The colors used by professionals are WK or BR, and will be used from the opening round in Japan.
The handle on the mouth frame makes it convenient to carry, and the three-point shoulder belt specification ensures stability when carrying.


material Synthetic leather
size 9.5 inch, 47 inch compatible
weight 4.5kg
Mouth frame 6 divisions
Color White x Black (WK), Black x Red (BR), Navy x White (NW)
function top plus grip, separator, glove holder
remarks * With name tag TGG110
* 3 store style shoulder belt specifications
Country of origin China

Release date: Spring/Summer 2023

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