Titleist TSR3 fairway wood TENSEI AV BLUE 55 graphite shaft

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Features of this product

Titleist fairway wood
Titleist fairway wood
Titleist fairway wood
Titleist fairway wood

Strong trajectory created by precision tuning

Get the most out of your performance with even more precise adjustability. The TSR3 fairway metal features a 5-position "SureFit CG track" for a wider range of adjustment and greater precision. In addition, a deeper center of gravity position improves shot accuracy.

・Outstanding versatility ・Accurate flight control ・Improved precision ・Head shape and sound/feel preferred by players

・Adjustment function to bring out performance ・Low center of gravity design to face center ・High strength carpenter ・Stainless steel ・SureFit adjustment function

Titleist fairway wood
Titleist fairway wood

Advanced adjustment function

The TSR3 Fairway Metal's "SureFit CG Track" now offers wider and more precise adjustment in 5 positions. It's now even easier to adjust, so you can match it to your player's performance.

Titleist fairway wood

Low center of gravity design to face center

Adopts the same open hosel structure as the TSR2 fairway metal. With the TSR3 fairway metal, the center of gravity is deeper, slightly lower and closer to the center of the face. The result is easier, easier, and higher launches.

Titleist fairway wood

Performance that meets player expectations

The TSR3 fairway metal is powerful in looks, sound and feel. This club is designed to give you square, long distance shots with complete control over where you aim.

shaft grip

Titleist driver
▲TENSEI AV BLUE 55 carbon shaft
Titleist driver
▲ Tour Velvet Rubber 360° Flat Cap (M60)
Titleist fairway wood


head material High strength carpenter stainless steel
Head manufacturing method -
Loft angle (°) 15
Lie angle (°) 56.5
club length (inch) 43
club weight (g) 324
balance D2.0
grip name Tour Velvet Rubber 360° Light Plus Gray Flat Cap 60R (M60)
remarks Wrench not included.
shaft name TENSEI AV BLUE 55 carbon shaft
Hardness S.
Shaft weight (g) 58
Torque (°) 4.9
kick point middle tone

Release date: 2023

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