Titleist TSR2 Driver TENSEI AV BLUE 55 Graphite Shaft

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Features of this product

Titleist driver
Titleist driver
Titleist driver
Titleist driver

Incredible speed and stability

While pursuing the best speed performance and trajectory stability in Titleist's history, it has evolved into a more beautiful and secure shape that many tour players recognize.
The perfect balance of distance and forgiveness, high launch, low spin, and high speed performance will improve your tee shot performance like never before.

・High launch angle and low spin ・Amazing speed performance ・High forgiveness over a wide face ・Head shape preferred by players

・Multi-plateau VFT face design ・Aerospace grade titanium ・Advanced aerodynamics ・SureFit adjustment function

performance that inspires confidence

Metalwood Development Director Stephanie Luttrell details how the technology in the TSR2 driver gives players the confidence to hit every tee shot.

Titleist driver
Titleist driver

Advanced aerodynamics and a beautiful head shape demanded by tour players

As speed increases, so does distance. That's why the TSR2 has a new shape that further refines ball speed. In addition, the shape of the toe side has been redesigned to make the look of the face at address more desirable to tour players.

Titleist driver

Multi-plateau VFT design face

This new design achieves high repulsive force over a wide area of ??the face by precisely designing and processing the thickness difference on the entire inner surface of the face. This means you can create incredible forgiveness and ball speed across the face, even on off-center hits.

Titleist driver

Incredible speed and stability

The placement of the center of gravity plays an important role in achieving both speed and agility. By placing the center of gravity lower and further forward, the TSR2 increases ball speed while optimizing launch angle for improved spin performance.

Titleist driver

SureFit adjustability

A better fitted driver will perform better. SureFit adjustability gives fitters the flexibility to tailor the performance of the TSR2 to individual player needs, supporting purer, more stable contact.

shaft grip

Titleist driver
▲TENSEI AV BLUE 55 carbon shaft
Titleist driver
▲ Tour Velvet Rubber 360° Flat Cap (M60)


head material Titanium
Head manufacturing method Titanium
Loft angle (°) 9 Ten
Lie angle (°) 58.5
Head volume (cc) 460
club length (inch) 45.5
club weight (g) S. 312
balance D4.0
grip name Tour Velvet Rubber 360° Flat Cap (M60)
shaft name TENSEI AV BLUE 55 carbon shaft
Hardness S.
Shaft weight (g) 58
Torque (°) 4.9
kick point middle tone

Release date: 2023

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