Titleist TSR2 Utility N.S. MODUS3 HYBRID GOST

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Features of this product

Titleist Utility
Titleist Utility
Titleist Utility

High performance utility of speed and stability

To earn a lot of trust. The TSR2 utility metal is designed with a longer blade than the previous model, and by combining a deeper center of gravity and a new sole shape, it gains high tolerance. Furthermore, we have succeeded in achieving a launch with a high initial velocity and consistently creating a long distance.

・High launch angle and flight distance performance ・High tolerance ・Outstanding swing from the turf

・Slightly longer blade length ・Deep center of gravity design ・New optimized sole shape ・SureFit adjustment function

Titleist Utility
Titleist Utility

Slightly longer blade design

By making the blade slightly longer than the conventional model, the tolerance in the toe-heel direction is improved. By moving the center of the hit point slightly away from the shaft, the deflection increases, achieving a shot with a high initial velocity and an appropriate launch angle over a wider hitting area. A simple change can make a big difference.

Titleist Utility

Deep center of gravity design for increased forgiveness

Titleist managed to make the head deeper while keeping the center of gravity low. This creates a more forgiving utility while maintaining optimal launch angle, backspin, and high muzzle velocity.

Titleist Utility

Outstanding swing from the rough

By pursuing a sole design and reducing the contact surface in the impact area, it achieves outstanding swings even on recovery shots from the rough. It also feels great off the fairway, swinging faster and cleaner for maximum energy transfer to the ball.

Titleist Utility

Hit feel and sound that satisfy players

If it doesn't feel and sound great, it's not a Titleist. Based on your feedback, we've adjusted the look, feel, and sound to meet what players want in a utility metal, giving them more consistency and confidence on long shots.

shaft grip

Titleist Utility
▲NS MODUS3 HYBRID (GOST) carbon shaft
Titleist Utility
▲ Tour Velvet Rubber 360° Flat Cap (M60)
Titleist Utility


head material stainless
Head manufacturing method stainless
Loft angle (°) 18 twenty one twenty four
Lie angle (°) 57 57.5 58
club length (inch) 40.5 40 39.5
club weight (g) 372 376 380
balance D0.0
grip name Tour Velvet Rubber 360° Flat Cap (M60)
remarks Wrench not included.
shaft name NS MODUS3 HYBRID (GOST) carbon shaft
Hardness S.
Shaft weight (g) 91
Torque (°) 2.8
kick point original condition

Release date: 2023

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