Callaway Jaws Forged Chrome Wedge NS Pro 950GH neo Steel Shaft

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Callaway wedge
Callaway wedge
Callaway wedge
Callaway wedge

The fusion of raw grooves and soft iron forging
Delivers superior feel and performance

The long-awaited soft iron forged "JAWS FORGED wedge" is now available in the popular JAWS series.
The JAWS FORGED wedge this time has a slightly rounded leading edge and a higher heel, and the overall form is reminiscent of the 2007 X FORGED wedge that was popular on the tour.
In addition, the non-plated face, which has become synonymous with the JAWS RAW series, has 37V grooves (loft 56-60 degrees) and micro features for the first time in soft iron forged wedges (loft 56-60 degrees).
Along with a comfortable hitting feeling, it also has a spin performance that is higher than before.
In addition, we have introduced tungsten technology (loft 54 ??to 60 degrees) and Z grind (loft 56 to 60 degrees), which were first introduced in the JAWS RAW wedge, to pursue a high degree of perfection in all aspects.
There are 8 types of loft lineup from 46 degrees to 60 degrees in 2 degree increments, and 2 types of head finish, chrome plating and charcoal black.


Form born from tour feedback The biggest difference between the new "JAWS FORGED wedge" and its predecessor is the shape. The leading edge has been changed from straight to slightly rounded to make it easier to pick up the ball. In addition, the heel side is also a higher one that makes you feel more nostalgic, and the shaft, hosel and face surface are treated to create a sense of unity. The overall shape is reminiscent of the 2007 X FORGED wedges that were a hit on the tour. It is also noteworthy that the club balance has been lightened by reducing the head weight, and the operability has been improved.

Micro features are also installed for the first time between grooves The "JAWS FORGED wedge" is the first soft iron forged wedge to be equipped with micro features. It forms a small protrusion between grooves and is arranged diagonally with respect to the groove. Especially in the approach to open the face, it creates a strong spin with a 37V groove with sharp corners and a non-plated face finish that makes the groove stand out. In addition, the microfeature and 37V groove are adopted in the loft 54-60 degree model, and the 46-52 degree model has a 20V groove.

Tungsten Technology Makes Lob Shots Your Way <br />The 54 to 60 degree loft model introduces tungsten technology, a first for JAWS RAW wedges. Tungsten is placed in the first weight port on the toe side of the backface on models with lofts of 54 and 56 degrees, and on the two weight ports on the toe side on models with lofts of 58 and 60 degrees. As a result, the center of gravity is positioned in the center of the face in the toe-heel direction, reducing head shake, especially when hitting shots with the face open. It enables the lob shot as imaged.

Z Grind is adopted following the JAWS RAW wedge <br />In the sole, the Z Grind, which was also first adopted in the JAWS RAW wedge, was introduced in the model with a loft of 56 to 60 degrees. The wide sole is shaped like a C-grind, with a slight chamfer not only on the trailing edge but also on the leading edge. While inheriting the C Grind's ability to respond to various lies, this sole is also gentle enough to prevent sticking to the turf and easy to slide off the turf.

There are 2 types of finish, and the loft lineup of the non-plated face "JAWS FORGED wedge" has a total of 8 types, from 46 degrees to 60 degrees, in 2 degree increments. From 46 to 52 degrees, a C grind is used. There are two types of head finishes: chrome plating and charcoal black.

shaft grip

Callaway wedge

▲NSPRO 950GH neo(S) steel shaft

Callaway wedge

▲Callaway Tour Velvet Rubber Grip Black/White No Backline (Approx. 50g, Caliber 60)

Callaway wedge
Callaway wedge


Head material/manufacturing method soft iron casting
head finish Chrome (face: no plating)
Loft angle (°) 46C 48C 50C 52C 54Z 56Z 58Z 60Z
bounce (°) Ten Ten Ten Ten 12 12 9 9
club length (inch) 35.75 35.5 35.25 35
Lie angle (°) 64
balance C9 D0
club weight about 440g about 443g about 449g about 452g
shaft name NSPRO 950GH neo(S) steel shaft
grip Callaway Tour Velvet Rubber Black/White No Backline
grip size About 50g, caliber 60 (5716030)
country of origin Assembly: China, Japan

*The shaft spec values ??are published by the manufacturer (NSPRO 950GH neo(S) = Nippon Shaft Co., Ltd.).
Please note that specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.
The values ??displayed in the catalog are design values. Please note that the measured values ??may differ slightly from the designed values.
Inch-mm conversion is 1 inch = about 25.4mm.

Release date: March 24, 2023

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