Maruman Shuttle Iron Set 4 pieces (I7,I9,PW,SW) IMPACT FIT m230 graphite shaft

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Majesty Shuttle
Majesty Shuttle

Hollow iron that hits and flies well

Majesty Shuttle

Women's irons that will be your best friend
Newly designed irons with dual bounce, recommended for women who have difficulty approaching with conventional irons.

Majesty Shuttle

"Dual bounce" to reduce duffling
The two-step bounce glides smoothly on the grass, enabling a clear swing, and the low center of gravity and elimination of the floating of the leading edge, we propose a new iron sole that gently picks up the ball.

Majesty Shuttle

"Hollow structure iron" for flight distance and stability
The hollow structure deepens the depth of the center of gravity, realizing an increase in flight distance performance and tolerance.
Weight is distributed between the toe and heel to increase moment of inertia (MOI).

shaft grip

Majesty Shuttle

▲IMPACT FIT m230 carbon shaft

Majesty Shuttle


Cocorico Endo, Miho Mori, Haruka Seto round at maruman SHUTTLE


Material (Face) CH -1 / (Body) 17 -4 PH
manufacturing method Precision casting + laser welding
finish Chrome plated finish
Count No.7 No.9 PWs SW
Loft angle (°) 30 39 44 56
Lie angle (°) 62.5 63.5 64 64
Progression (mm) 2 2.5 3 6
length (inch) 36 35 34.5 34.5
Gross Weight (g)/Balance L. 324/B9 337/B9 344/B9 347/C1
Grip weight (g) 32
inner diameter L.
Country of origin Assembly: Japan/China
shaft IMPACT FIT m230 carbon shaft
Color blue
flex L.
Weight (g) 41
Torque (°) 5.6
kick point ahead
Material High elasticity + high strength carbon + titanium nickel

Release date: October 21, 2022

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