PRGR RS Just Driver Mitsubishi Chemical Vanquish 5 Graphite Shaft

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Features of this product

2022 model RS series.

This RS driver is a well-balanced driver in the middle of the three models.

The shaft is equipped with a custom specification Vanquish!

Although it is a lightweight shaft, it has a reputation for being able to suppress bending even when shaken firmly.

This shaft is recommended for those who want easier swings and stability than the stock shaft.

The feature of this driver is that the initial velocity of the ball increases.

It features an improved face surface to increase the ball's initial velocity, which is one of the three elements of flight distance.

Even when I actually tried hitting it, the initial speed increased clearly and the distance increased.

It has a high trajectory and a powerful ball, making it a comfortable driver to hit.

Since the adjustment function is also designed, it is possible to freely change the trajectory.

This driver is highly recommended for those who want to increase the flight distance.

"RS JUST" series RS/RS D/RS F trial comparison video

Progear RS JUST
Progear RS JUST
Progear RS JUST

Surprisingly fast and smashed.
The precise 4-point concentration face produced amazing initial speed.

Strong trajectory that can hit. flat lie angle,
Center of gravity design that suppresses catching.
Drastic reduction in mistakes to the left.

Progear RS JUST

Face center, center of gravity point, maximum deflection point, maximum CT point. RS JUST precisely concentrates these four points on the face.
The deflection rate of the center RBI has increased by 23%*. If the hitting area and the maximum output area overlap perfectly,
The initial velocity of the ball increases, and inevitably, the flight distance increases. Surpassing the high initial velocity, a surprising initial velocity appeared.

* PRGR research

Progear RS JUST

RS Just by nabla neo face MAX
Completed the 4-point concentration face and created a surprising initial speed.

Progear RS JUST

The W crown & W sole and new shaft structure increase the deflection area and expand the high muzzle velocity area.
The uncompromising pursuit of high precision creates a new high muzzle velocity.

* W crown design: Patent No. 6537562
* W sole design: Patent No. 6849935
* New axis structure (loft variable) ・・・Patent No. 5748017

Progear RS JUST

As a result of a large number of trial hit data, the relationship between the initial speed and the spin amount has become clear. As shown,
Golfers with an initial ball velocity of 60m/s or more (H/S 40m/s or more) do not increase the flight distance even if the launch is increased,
It turns out that just by slightly reducing the spin rate, you can increase the flight distance.
RS JUST lowers the center of gravity of the head and reduces the amount of spin. Extend the flight distance even with ball quality.

Progear RS JUST

Proper distribution of surplus weight and low center of gravity of the head.
The amount of spin is reduced close to the best, achieving strong trajectory and maximizing flight distance.

Progear RS JUST

Ballistic control system "Bacosy"

Equipped with ballistic control system "Bacosy".
Ballistic control is possible by loft variable mechanism.
If you change the weight, you can also change the club balance.

Variable loft: -1 degree adjustable from the loft displayed on the head Balance adjustment: Adjustable by installing weights (sold separately)

Progear RS JUST
Progear RS JUST

By removing the shaft and the head and turning the shaft half a turn,
A setting that reduces the loft angle by 1 degree and lowers the launch angle.

Progear RS JUST
Progear RS JUST

▲Mitsubishi Chemical Vanquish 5 Shaft

Progear RS JUST


Progear RS JUST

▲ Head cover


material Face: Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V)
Body: Titanium (Ti-8Al-1V-1Mo)
Crown: Carbon (CFRP)
Weight: 8g (stainless steel/SUS630)
manufacturing method Face: CNC machined Body: Vacuum precision casting Crown: Press molding
shaft spec S.
Loft angle (°) 9.5 10.5
Volume (cc) 460
Face angle (°) -3
Lie angle (°) 57
length (inch) 45.5
Gross weight (g) 308
balance D-1.5
Shaft weight (g) 56.8
Shaft torque (°) 4.2
kick point During ~
grip Weight: 50, Diameter: 60, Cord: None, Backline: None
accessories head cover, torque wrench
Country of origin Body: Japan, Head cover: China

*Club length: Value measured by JGGA measurement method
* Conforms to local rules (MLR G-10) for 46-inch club length

◎ Please note that these specifications are subject to change without notice.
◎The notation data is the design value. Please note that the measured values ??may differ slightly from the designed values.
◎ Depending on the PC environment, the color of the product may differ slightly.

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