Maruman shuttle driver IMPACT FIT m230 graphite shaft

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Majesty Shuttle
Majesty Shuttle
Majesty Shuttle

Short length of 44.5inch improves meat rate and extends flight distance

Majesty Shuttle

Speed ??Bow
Newly designed large head optimized with a theoretical center of gravity.
Achieved improved flight distance with low spin and stability in all counts.
The two-tone crown guides you to the correct alignment, allowing you to shoot in the direction you envision.

Majesty Shuttle

New face "3x4 Radial Spider"
Radial beams in 3 directions up and down, 4 directions left and right, and a heptagonal star ring optimize the deflection of the entire face and achieve stable repulsion performance.

Majesty Shuttle

With a short 44.5inch, it swings! Hit! get caught!
By shortening the shaft, it is easy to swing and easy to meet.
Furthermore, by enlarging the head, the sense of security when holding it is also improved.

Majesty Shuttle

original head cover
Original head cover for SHUTTLE.

shaft grip

Majesty Shuttle

▲IMPACT FIT m230 carbon shaft

Majesty Shuttle


Cocorico Endo, Miho Mori, Haruka Seto round at maruman SHUTTLE


Material (Face) 6 AL-4 VT i / (Body) T i811
manufacturing method (Face) Hot forging / (Main body) Precision casting
finish black IP
Color black & silver
Loft angle (°) 9.5 10.5
Lie angle (°) 59.5 59.5
Progression (mm) 17.6 18.4
Head volume (cc) 460
length (inch) 44.5
Gross Weight (g)/Balance S. 299/D3 299/D3
SR - 292/D2
R. - 290/D1
Grip weight (g) 39
inner diameter D.
Country of origin Assembly: Japan/China Head cover: China
shaft IMPACT FIT m230 carbon shaft
Color black
flex R. SR S.
Weight (g) 45 47 51
Torque (°) 6.3 6.1 6
kick point ahead
Material High elasticity + high strength carbon + titanium nickel

Release date: October 21, 2022

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