TaylorMade Stealth Gloire Driver Speeder NX for TM Graphite Shaft

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Tailor Made Stealth Glore
Tailor Made Stealth Glore
Tailor Made Stealth Glore
Tailor Made Stealth Glore
Tailor Made Stealth Glore

A stealth driver that bears its name, meaning that it has been developed in secret for over 20 years. A new era of "carbon wood" has begun, leaving behind common sense and opening up a new era for drivers.

The new Stealth Gloire Driver uses an innovative 60-layer carbon twist face to dramatically improve impact energy transmission efficiency (ball initial velocity). And the excess weight created by the multi-materials used in each part of the head benefits the entire head platform. CARBONWOOD × GLOIRE was born with a lightweight club design that allows you to fly gently and achieve a high level of flight distance and forgiveness by further lowering the center of gravity.

Tailor Made Stealth Glore

The carbon twist face, carbon crown, and full carbon sole have succeeded in creating more surplus weight. As a result, a back weight for high trajectory and a draw bias weight for gripping are installed, and a new structure with improved gentleness is born, which generates a large moment of inertia due to optimal weight distribution. It will give you the trajectory you've always envisioned.

Tailor Made Stealth Glore

In addition to the 60-layer carbon twist face, a forged aluminum ring is used. As a result, additional surplus weight is created and a draw bias design is possible. "Stealth Glore Driver" succeeded in realizing the coexistence of distance and tolerance of the next dimension. In addition, a ring made by precision milling of lightweight and high-strength aluminum makes it possible to form all parts by bonding instead of welding. was born.

Tailor Made Stealth Glore

Pursuit of a comfortable hammering sound
Hit feel is one of the most important factors when choosing a club. It is "hitting sound" that influences the "hit feeling". TaylorMade's sound engineering team has carefully analyzed and thoroughly pursued a pleasant hitting sound. By combining "shape" and "internal structure", the acoustic performance was refined, creating a hammering sound that surpassed the previous work.

In addition, the “Stealth Gloire Driver” has an “acoustic adjuster” mounted on the toe side of the carbon sole that adjusts the sound resonance and creates a comfortable hitting sound.

Tailor Made Stealth Glore
Tailor Made Stealth Glore
Tailor Made Stealth Glore

60 layers of carbon twist face
A lightweight carbon face completed after long research. By precisely stacking 60 layers of carbon with a complex structure, it achieves both high strength and large deflection, and brings about a new dimension of energy transmission. In addition, by combining TaylorMade's unique "Twist Face", it has strong stability against miss hits.

Nano texture PU cover
By applying an elaborate nano-level polymer coating (PU) to the entire face, it enables the optimum amount of spin under any circumstances and creates a flight distance.

lightweight design
Each part of the head, including the "60-layer carbon face", "forged milled aluminum ring", "carbon crown", and "carbon sole", consists of multi-materials. As a result, we succeeded in creating more surplus weight, benefiting the entire head platform and pursuing "gentleness" and "flying". In addition, Fujikura's Stealth Gloire 'Speeder NX Shaft' and Lamkin's original grip contribute to the weight reduction of the club. We have achieved a lightweight club design that allows for easy swinging and gentle flight.

Forged milled aluminum construction
Precision-milled from lightweight, high-strength aluminum, the forged milled aluminum ring joins the full carbon sole, carbon crown and 60-layer carbon face without welding. A "forged milled aluminum ring" that realizes integration improves stability and forgiveness.

inertia generator
The "inertia generator", which has a heavy weight behind the head, contributes to increased forgiveness. Furthermore, by expanding the face surface, air resistance is reduced while increasing forgiveness, realizing speedup of the downswing.

Penetrating speed pocket
TaylorMade's unique penetrating speed pocket contributes to maintaining the ball's initial velocity by suppressing unnecessary spin even on mis-hits at the bottom of the face.

shaft grip

Tailor Made Stealth Glore

▲Speeder NX for TM carbon shaft

Tailor Made Stealth Glore

▲Lamkin ST BK / WH CP (front side)

Tailor Made Stealth Glore

▲Lamkin ST BK / WH CP (back side)

head cover

Tailor Made Stealth Glore
Tailor Made Stealth Glore


head material / face material Titanium [9-1-1 ti] frame + carbon crown + carbon sole + aluminum ring (forged) + back weight / 60-layer carbon twist face + PU cover
Loft angle (°) 9.5 10.5 11.5
Lie angle (°) 58
Head volume (cc) 460
length (inch) 46
Country of origin Body: China Head cover: China
shaft Speeder NX for TM Graphite Shaft
flex R. SR S.
club weight (g) about 272 about 275 about 278
Shaft weight (g) about 43 about 45 about 48
torque 7.2 7 6.7
balance D3
kick point first middle
grip Lamkin ST BK / WH CP (Diameter 60X / 33.5g) calibrated (backline) Yes

*This specification is a calculated value and a provisional value. Please note that it is subject to change.
* Shaft weight is the weight before cutting.

Release date: October 7, 2022

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