TaylorMade Stealth Driver Tour AD DI-6 Graphite Shaft

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Features of this product

2022 TaylorMade new stealth driver!

The most important point is the "carbon face".

I gave it a shot,

The impression, feel, and sound of hitting

Conventional titanium driver,

SIM driver and SIM2 driver, in a good way

No change at all. It was the impression that.

In the average value of the numerical data that was tested,

Compared to SIM2 driver, SIM2 MAX driver, etc.,

A little more spin and a higher launch angle.

*Buyer's personal data and impressions

Tailor Made Stealth
Tailor Made Stealth
Tailor Made Stealth
Tailor Made Stealth


Tailor Made Stealth
Tailor Made Stealth

Why "Carbon Wood"?

By strategically adopting carbon and optimizing energy transmission, the initial velocity of the ball is dramatically improved.
And the extra weight created by the lightweight carbon face benefits the entire head platform.
By further lowering the center of gravity, it is possible to push the distance and forgiveness to the limit, and at the same time, pursue a more precise hitting sound.

Tailor Made Stealth

Optimal launch and spin

“Stealth” that TaylorMade has been developing in secret for over 20 years.
"Nano texture PU cover" led to the realization of "stealth driver".
By applying an elaborate nano-level polymer coating (PU) to the entire face, the optimum amount of spin is possible under any circumstances to create a flight distance.

Tailor Made Stealth

Resistant to miss hits

The newly developed "60-layer carbon face" weighs 24g, which is 44%* lighter than the titanium face.
By incorporating the excess weight into the optimum weight design, a high moment of inertia is achieved, improving straightness and forgiveness.

* Comparison of titanium face of the same size

Pursuing a pleasant “sound”

Hit feel is one of the most important factors when choosing a club. It is "hitting sound" that influences the "hit feeling".
TaylorMade's sound engineering team has carefully analyzed and thoroughly pursued a pleasant hitting sound.
By combining "shape" and "internal structure", the acoustic performance was refined, creating a hammering sound that surpassed the previous work. See how Team TaylorMade's world's top-ranked players test out the Stealth Driver for the first time.

Tailor Made Stealth

Increased downswing speed

Equipped with an "inertia generator" behind the head that reduces air resistance and increases head speed in the most important phase just before impact.
This increases clubhead speed while increasing moment of inertia for optimal launch and forgiveness.

Tailor Made Stealth
Tailor Made Stealth

60-layer carbon face
The newly developed "60-layer carbon face" is 24g from 43g of titanium, successfully reducing the weight by 40%* compared to the titanium face.
On the other hand, we expanded the face area by 20% over the SIM driver to enhance forgiveness. By precisely layering 60 layers of carbon with a complex structure, it achieves both high strength and large deflection, and brings about a new dimension of energy transmission. The result is greater ball velocity over a wider area of ??the face, resulting in greater distance performance and forgiveness than ever before. * Comparison of titanium face of the same size

Nano texture PU cover
By applying an elaborate nano-level polymer coating (PU) to the entire surface of the face, it enables the optimum amount of spin under any circumstances and creates a flight distance.

Tailor Made Stealth
Tailor Made Stealth

▲ Tour AD DI-6 carbon shaft

Tailor Made Stealth

▲Lamkin Crossline 360 ??Black/Red CP

Tailor Made Stealth

▲ Dedicated head cover

Tailor Made Stealth
Tailor Made Stealth

▲Torque wrench


head material / face material Titanium [9-1-1 ti] + carbon crown / 60-layer carbon twist face
Loft angle (°) 9.0 10.5
Lie angle (°) 56
Head volume (cc) 460
Length (inch) 45.25
Gross weight (g) 317 grams ± (hardness S)
grip name Lamkin Crossline 360 ??Black/Red CP
grip size Diameter 60/47.5g
Country of origin Body: China/Taiwan Head Cover: China/Vietnam Torque Wrench: Taiwan
shaft name Tour AD DI-6 Carbon
flex S.
Shaft weight (g) 65
torque 3.3
balance D4
kick point middle tone


*This specification is a calculated value and a provisional value.
*The loft angle and lie angle are the values ??at the standard position.
* Shaft weight is the weight before cutting.

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