PRGR Sweep Driver NEW Spring Shaft

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Features of this product

Progear driver
Progear driver
Progear driver
Progear driver

A high-resilience driver that can fly gently.
Highly repulsive design that pursues a thorough flight distance. The SWEEP driver is full of features for women to fly. You can fly comfortably with high resilience performance and a wide high resilience area.

Progear driver
Progear driver

A draw design that gently catches the ball and extends the flight distance.

Progear driver

▲ NEW Spring shaft Shaft

Designed to be natural even with the power of women and to swing through to the end.

Progear driver

▲ Coaching grip

You can grip correctly just by putting your thumb on the guide and grasping.


Shaft specs M-30 (L)
Loft angle (°) 13.5
Volume (cm3) 445
Face angle (°) 3
Rye angle (°) 59.5
Length (inch) 43.75
Total weight (g) 267
balance B-8
Shaft weight (g) 43
Shaft torque (°) 9.4
Shaft KP H
grip Weight: 35, Diameter: 57, Code: None
material Face / Body: Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V)
Manufacturing method Face: Rolling, Body: Vacuum precision casting
accessories Original head cover
Country of origin Body: Japan, China
Headcover: China

* Products that do not comply with SLE rules
* The SWEEP driver does not comply with the R & A and USGA SLE rules. Please use only for private golf play.
* Club length: Measured value by JGGA measurement method

Release date: 2022

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