PRGR Silver Blade α 2-02 Putter Original Steel Shaft

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Features of this product

Progear putter
Progear putter

▲ Dedicated head cover

An exquisite response that you can feel in the softness.

The Silver Blade α II is equipped with a newly developed insert that clearly retains the solid response in the softness.
The head goes forward at the deep center of gravity, and the design has less rolling loss even if the hit points vary.
The evolved silver blade structure makes it easy to set the distance and direction.
CNC machined face and body. The feel of a mid-sized grip that sticks to you.
The ball rolls so that it is sucked into the cup.

Progear putter

5 types of heads according to the stroke type.
A form that meets the demands of all golfers.

Progear putter

Equipped with an α insert, it realizes a comfortable feel with a moderate response even in the unique softness.

Progear putter

Two silver colors with different brightness are used for the face and body.
The contrast created from that makes you stand straight against your goal.

Progear putter

A deep center of gravity and high moment of inertia head design that takes advantage of the difference in specific gravity of different materials.

Progear putter

Uses a mid-sized grip that is comfortable to grip and creates a sense of stability


Progear putter

▲ Original steel shaft

Progear putter

▲ Dedicated grip


material Face: Aluminum (Al6063)
Insert: TPU resin Body: Stainless steel (SUS431)
Manufacturing method Face: Machined (CNC processing)
Insert: Injection molding Body: Precision casting + machined (CNC processing)
Loft angle (°) 3
Rye angle (°) 70
Face progression (mm) 1.5 1.5
Club length (inch) 33 33 34
Total weight (g) 548 553
Shaft weight (g) 100 105
Grip weight (g) 88
Country of origin Body: Japan Headcover: China

Release date: 2022

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