Callaway Rogue ST Max Fast Driver Eldio 40 for Callaway Graphite Shaft

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Callaway Rogue STMX FAST
Callaway Rogue STMX FAST
Callaway Rogue STMX FAST

A driver who is light and can swing off, so the flight distance and mood will increase.

The ROGUE ST series is also newly born for women's models. "ROGUE ST MAX FAST Women's Driver" has been developed to improve the performance by brushing up various technologies cultivated up to the 2021 EPIC series.
Callaway's unique AI-designed FLASH Face SS22 is even more efficient in consideration of the tendency of the target player. The JAILBREAK AI speed frame is also being further optimized.
In addition, a newly integrally molded UNI body structure has been adopted for the body equipped with the triaxial carbon crown and sole. With these evolutions, the power of impact is now transmitted to the ball without any waste.
Of course, weight reduction is also pursued for female golfers. Both the head and the shaft are light enough to swing through firmly, and with the addition of a draw bias and upright design, it is possible to realize a straight high trajectory that is easier than ever.

Callaway Rogue STMX FAST


Re-enter all the spin amount, launch angle, and ball speed into AI,
Designed with a new algorithm. Optimize all "three elements of flight" and evolve flight

Callaway Rogue STMX FAST


2nd generation JAILBREAK / AI speed frame.
Reduces extra deflection on the top, bottom, left, and right of the head.
Concentrate energy on the face and increase ball speed

Callaway Rogue STMX FAST


A weight of about 8g is attached to the rear of the head.
At the same time as increasing the ball speed at the time of off-center hit
Increases moment of inertia and improves impact stability

Features & Benefits

AI-designed FLASH face SS22 optimizes even 3 elements of flight
The "ROGUE ST MAX FAST Women's Driver" uses the FLASH face SS22 designed exclusively for this model by AI. The FLASH face SS22 does not only take into consideration the improvement of the initial velocity of the ball and the hitting position of the target golfer as in the past.
This time, AI designed and tested with a new algorithm that includes the combination of the three elements of flight, spin, launch angle, and initial velocity of the ball. It has been upgraded to a face that has been optimized for each model and target golfer.

NEW JAILBREAK AI Speed ??frame allows the face to flex efficiently
The shape of the JAILBREAK AI speed frame, which was first installed in the 2021 EPIC series, has been changed in the "ROGUE ST MAX FAST Women's Driver". In the NEW JAILBREAK AI speed frame, the height of the lower frame has been increased and the rigidity of the sole side has been improved.
As a result, while keeping the effect that the power of impact is concentrated on the face as in the past, the difference in rigidity between the crown side and the sole side makes the face bend more efficiently.

NEW Tungsten speed cartridge mounted on the rearmost part of the head
"ROGUE ST MAX FAST Women's Driver" has a new tungsten speed cartridge. In the 2021 "EPIC MAX FAST Women's Driver", the perimeter weight was mounted on the rear of the sole, but the tungsten speed cartridge has a horizontally long shape, and the mounting position has also moved to the rearmost part of the head.
The center of gravity can be made deeper and lower, and the high moment of inertia stabilizes the head during a swing and improves the initial velocity of the ball during an off-center hit. In addition, a screw weight is mounted on the heel side of the sole, and an upright design is also incorporated, making it a model with a very high moment of inertia and a draw bias that makes it difficult for the ball to come out to the right.

Reduced energy loss with UNI body structure with integrally molded body
The body of "ROGUE ST MAX FAST Women's Driver" has a new 1-piece UNI body structure. This is based on the same concept as the monocoque structure used in racing cars and cars.
Since the monocoque structure is integrally molded, it is possible to increase the rigidity of the car while reducing the weight, and it is possible to maintain a higher speed more stably when cornering. The UNI body structure is also integrally molded, so the energy at the time of impact is not released by welding and distortion of the bonded part, it can be received firmly, and it leads to efficient conversion to impact power.

Improved swing speed by reducing the weight of the head and shaft
The integrally molded body is combined with a triaxial carbon crown and sole. Due to its high rigidity and extremely light weight, it creates excess weight and greatly contributes to the optimization of the center of gravity.
The head shape also reflects Callaway's many years of aerodynamic knowledge, reducing air resistance during downswings and increasing swing speed. In addition, the "ROGUE ST MAX FAST Women's Driver" is a very lightweight head for women, such as a normal hosel without an adjustable hosel, along with an ultra-lightweight 30g shaft. It brings an improvement in swing speed.

Callaway Rogue STMX FAST

▲ Eldio 40 for Callaway Carbon Shaft

Callaway Rogue STMX FAST

▲ Callaway JL04 LDY JV No backline

Callaway Rogue STMX FAST

▲ Dedicated head cover: HC CG OO ROGUE ST DR 22


Face material / structure Forged FS2S Titanium / FLASH Face SS22
Body material 8-1-1 Titanium Body + Triaxial Carbon Crown & Sole + Tungsten Speed ??Cartridge Approx. 8g + Sole Weight Approx. 2g
Loft angle (°) 10.5 12
Rye angle (°) 59.5
Club length (inch) 43.5
Head volume (cc) 460
Gross weight (g) About 266 (L)
About 269 (A)
Grip name Callaway JL04 LDY JV No backline
Grip size Approximately 30g, caliber 59
country of origin Assembly: China / Japan Headcover: China
Shaft name Eldio 40 for Callaway Carbon Shaft
Shaft hardness L A
Shaft weight (g) About 36 About 39
torque 7 6.4
balance C1
Shaft tone Midyear gift

ELDIO 40 for Callaway is the value after shaft cut.
The numerical values ??displayed in the catalog are design values. Please note that the measured value may differ slightly from the design value.
Inch-millimeter conversion is 1 inch = approx. 25.4 mm.

Release date: Late March 2022

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