TaylorMade Spider GT Rollback Small Slant Putter Silver

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TaylorMade Spider GT
TaylorMade Spider GT
TaylorMade Spider GT
TaylorMade Spider GT

Birth of Spider GT Back Putter Collection, resistant to mistakes
The latest work of "Spider", which was newly named "GT" because it is supported by top professionals all over the world and is expected to play an active part in various tour scenes (grand tours). By mounting a large capacity tungsten weight on the rear and bottom, the moment of inertia is improved, and a new sense mid-size mallet "Spider GT Back Putter Collection" that is resistant to miss hits is born.


Body design in pursuit of beauty
One of the features of the "Spider GT Rollback" putter is the design that blends the wing structure into a round shape. It provides proper alignment to make the putting stroke and ball trajectory clearer. "Silver / Black", which has a high-class and durable surface treatment on the top plate, arranges one sight line that makes the image of a clear line to the target, enabling accurate putting. ..

"Tolerance" and "stability" created by the new structure
Uses the first 80g tungsten ring in the Spider series. An 80g tungsten ring mounted along the perimeter of the putter provides additional forgiveness and stability. In addition, stable putting is possible even when hitting off-center. Furthermore, due to the synergistic effect with "Pure Roll 2" mounted on the insert, it supports forward rotation from immediately after impact to cup-in while realizing a solid feel.

Neck shape that can be selected according to the stroke type
By adopting a small slant neck, it is easy to open and close the head, and it is possible to have moderate operability while being a head that is resistant to mistakes.


Alignment design
Adopted a top line that makes you imagine a clear line for the target. The "Spider GT Rollback Putter" has a tolerant design and adopts two types of top lines to support alignment according to the player.

Lightweight body and trisole
By adopting the lightweight material "6061 aluminum", it is possible to design a weight that realizes forgiveness. In addition, a trisole design that pursues comfortable sitting on all lie is adopted.

Tungsten ring
Equipped with a round-shaped tungsten ring that wraps around the back of the body. Thereby, tolerance and stability are achieved.

The Pure Roll 2 insert, which is a composite material of TPU and aluminum, is born. While achieving a solid feel, the 45-degree groove on the insert generates topspin and supports forward rotation from immediately after impact to cup-in.

Fluted shaft
Uses the newly developed "fluted shaft". By inserting resin in 6 places to improve the feel and sound of hitting at a position about 13 cm from the tip, stability and operability were improved while maintaining the rigidity of the shaft, and the feel of hitting was improved.

TaylorMade Spider GT

▲ TaylorMade Fluted Feel Steel Shaft

TaylorMade Spider GT

▲ Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 Black / Red

TaylorMade Spider GT

▲ Dedicated head cover


Head material Lightweight aluminum body (6061) + stainless steel hosel (303SS) + tungsten weight
Face type / material 3mm thick insert with PURE ROLL / Urethane (TPU) + Aluminum beam
Loft angle (°) 3
Rye angle (°) 70
Length (inch) 33, 34
Neck type Small slant
Balance type (toe hang angle) Toe heel balance (21 °)
shaft TaylorMade Fluted Feel Steel Shaft
Grip name Super Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 Black / Red
Grip size Diameter 58 / 82.5g
country of origin China

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Release date: March 2022

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