TaylorMade Stealth Rescue Stealth Utility Tensei Red TM40(22) Graphite Shaft

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TaylorMade Women's Utility
TaylorMade Women's Utility
TaylorMade Women's Utility
TaylorMade Women's Utility
TaylorMade Women's Utility

Precise weight design In golf club design, small shifts in weight can yield significant benefits. By adopting a carbon crown, the Stealth Rescue has created an extra 7g of weight, which has been relocated to the optimal center of gravity. As a result, the head has a lower and deeper center of gravity, achieving both distance performance and forgiveness.

TaylorMade Women's Utility

Tolerance and flight The ``V Steel Sole'', which minimizes the contact area of ??the sole, has been further evolved. By reducing friction at impact, you can swing the ball exactly as you want, not only on the fairway but also on shots from the rough. With stealth rescue, you can gain flying distance and boldly attack the pin.

TaylorMade Women's Utility

Stylish design for women
The Stealth Women's Rescue has a striking design with a metallic finish. The stylish red and silver design will keep you motivated.

TaylorMade Women's Utility
TaylorMade Women's Utility

Carbon Crown The adoption of a carbon crown creates extra weight, creating a head with an even lower and deeper center of gravity. This results in a highly stable rescue that raises easily. The higher MOI (moment of inertia) increases forgiveness and allows you to aim for the pin from anywhere.

V steel sole While maintaining a low center of gravity, the center of gravity design has been improved to improve forgiveness. Minimizes the contact area of ??the sole and improves the ability to swing the club.

450SS ICT Twist Face Equipped with a "Twist Face" even for rescuers with a small face area using advanced technology. Furthermore, ICT (Inverted Cone Technology) is installed on the face, and by combining it with twist face technology, it achieves high straightness.

Penetrating Speed ??Pocket TaylorMade's unique penetrating speed pocket helps maintain the initial velocity of the ball by suppressing unnecessary spin even on mis-hits hit at the bottom of the face.

TaylorMade Women's Utility

▲Tensei Red TM40('22) carbon shaft

TaylorMade Women's Utility

▲Lamkin Crossline 360 ??Gray/Red CP (diameter 59/33g)


TaylorMade Women's Utility

▲Special head cover: front

TaylorMade Women's Utility

▲Special head cover: Back


count #Four #Five #6
Head material / face material Stainless steel [450SS] + carbon crown / stainless steel [450SS]
Loft angle (°) twenty three 26 28
Lie angle (°) 60.5 61 61.5
Length (inch) 38.5 38 37.5
grip Lamkin Crossline 360 ??Gray/Red CP (diameter 59/33g)
accessories Dedicated head cover
country of origin Body: Made in China/Made in Taiwan/Made in Vietnam Dedicated head cover: Made in China/Made in Vietnam
shaft name Tensei Red TM40('22) Carbon Shaft
flex L A
Club weight (g) Approximately 326 Approximately 329
Shaft weight (g) about 59 about 61
torque 3.3 3.1
balance C4 C4
kick point destination In the future

*The above specs are for #4 (22°).
*This specification is a calculated value/provisional value.
*Shaft weight is the weight before cutting.
*Left hand version is not available.

Release date: 2022

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