TaylorMade Stealth Iron Set 5-Piece (6-P) KBS MAX MT85 Steel Shaft

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Taylormade iron set
Taylormade iron set
Taylormade iron set
Taylormade iron set
Taylormade iron set
Taylormade iron set


Stealth irons as a weapon for score making
Golf is a profound sport. The more sharp shots you hit, the fewer times you actually hit on the course and the shorter your score.
A "stealth iron" that opens up a new era will change your golf. Challenge yourself to play with the "stealth iron" that is the key to score making.

Taylormade iron set

A new form of distance iron
A new shape of distance iron that uses "toe wrap technology" to improve the repulsion performance of the face and achieve a faster initial ball velocity. A new iron with excellent "flying distance", "tolerance", and "feeling" was born.

Taylormade iron set

Ball initial velocity improved
A stealth iron that uses the newly developed "tow wrap technology" for the "cap bag design". In addition to the optimized sweet spot, the advanced "cap bag design" improves head rigidity and increases the initial velocity.

Taylormade iron set

High trajectory and gentle iron
By removing the metal placed on the toe side and rearranging the surplus weight of 10 g on the sole side, we succeeded in further lowering the center of gravity and evolved into an iron that rises gently.

Taylormade iron set

Feeling like a forged iron
The echo damping system on the back of the face, which is mounted on the entire face from the heel to the toe, absorbs the vibration of the club due to the impact of impact and realizes a feel like a forged iron.

"Capback Design" & "Toe Wrap Technology"
By removing about 10g of metal placed on the toe side and adopting "Toe Wrap Technology" that optimally distributes the surplus weight generated, a further low center of gravity design is realized. The head structure with a lower center of gravity has created an iron that combines excellent "distance," "tolerance," and "feeling."

High-speed face with progressive ICT
Equipped with ICT (Inverted Cone Technology) that controls the sweet area according to the number. While having an appropriate ball speed and high forgiveness, it faithfully demonstrates the flight distance performance required for each count.

Echo damping system
The echo damping system located on the back side of the face reduces the impact and vibration at the time of impact by providing multiple shock absorbing parts in the face without damaging the repulsive force of the face, and it makes a hitting sound like a forged iron. Achieve a feel of hitting.

Penetration speed pocket
TaylorMade's unique penetrating speed pocket contributes to maintaining the initial velocity of the ball by suppressing unnecessary spin even if a miss hit is hit at the bottom of the face.

Taylormade iron set

▲ KBS MAX MT85 Steel Shaft

Taylormade iron set

▲ Lamkin Crossline 360 ??Black / Red CP Grip (Diameter 60 / 47.5g)


Count # 6 # 7 # 8 # 9 PW
Head material / Face material (manufacturing method) Stainless Steel [450SS] (Casting) Stainless Steel [17-4SS] (Casting)
Loft angle (°) twenty four 28 28 32 37 37 43
Rye angle (°) 62.5 63 63 63.5 64 64.5
Length (inch) 37.875 37.25 36.75 36.25 35.75
balance D1
Club weight [# 7] Approximately 407g (S) / Approximately 405g (R)
grip Lamkin Crossline 360 ??Black / Red CP (Diameter 60 / 47.5g)
Country of origin Made in China / Made in Vietnam
Shaft name KBS MAX MT85 Steel Shaft
flex S R
Shaft weight (g) About 109
torque 1.8 1.8 1.9
Kick point In the middle

Release date: Scheduled to be released on April 1, 2022

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