Kasco Blue 9/9 Box Type WB-011 Putter

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Features of this product

Blue 9/9 putter released by Casco.

The name 9/9 is named to mean that we should aim for 9 putts each, which is the target number of putts, half 9/9.

It is designed based on the concept of holding straight and shaking straight, and it has a neck design that allows you to check whether you are holding straight when you hold it.

The center shaft, extra-thick heavy shaft, and spur stroke grip are used in various parts to hold straight.

It is a putter that can be expected to improve putting by adding a face design that creates a soft touch to make it easier to give a sense of distance.

Casco putter

Blue head
It is said that blue has a high sedative effect, calms the mind, and improves concentration. Also, it is said that the color affects not only the visual sense but also the muscles, so the Blue9 / 9 series is recommended for those who want to relax and calmly hit when putting, and the Red9 / 9 series for those who want to hit hard. In addition, since each head is machined one by one, there is no individual difference and it is highly accurate.

Hold straight and hit straight! Function to create ideal rolling

Casco putter

Square head shape
It is easy to hold in a square, and the back side is white to emphasize the square shape so that it can be recognized even if the branch is off due to the afterimage effect.

Ladder type alignment
Added a vertical line parallel to the top line on the back side. In addition, it is easier to match the direction by inserting three horizontal lines between them.

"Center shaft straight type" that is easy to hold and set the ball
Since the shaft is straight and easy to hold, it is in the center of the face, so when looking down, the face and the target are at right angles, making it easier to align the launch direction.

Loft angle 1.5 °
Optimal loft design of 1.5 ° that goes well with the center shaft. It is easy to rotate forward and rolls well.

Face processing

Casco putter

Uses "diamond cut processing" that reduces the contact area at impact and creates a soft touch.

Casco putter

▲ Blue 9/9 exclusive original shaft

Extra-thick shaft with a sense of visual stability. With 128g that matches the weight of the head, the inertia from the takeback enables ideal putting like a pendulum.

Casco putter

▲ Blue 9/9 exclusive original grip

A large diameter grip that suppresses the movement of the wrist and creates a stable stroke without applying extra force. The original design will make you feel better.

Casco putter

▲ Head cover


Head material Duralumin + stainless steel
Loft angle (°) 1.5 1.5
Rye angle (°) 72
Club length (inch) 34
Shaft type Original shaft for Red 9/9
Shaft weight (g) 128 128
grip Blue9 / 9 exclusive original grip 63g
Country of manufacture Japan

* Because the head material is machined from duralumin and is soft, be sure to attach the attached dedicated head cover except when using putting.
* Be careful when handling the head and shaft as they are easily damaged when putting them in the putter cylinder of the cart during the round.

Release date: 2022

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