Power Built Running Wedge 36 Degree / 46 Degree Chipper Original Steel Shaft

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Features of this product

It is a chipper that is very useful for approaching around the green.

This power built chipper supports the stability of the swing by making the grip slightly thicker.

36 degrees ⇒ Used as a running wedge. Active in rolling up to 30yd.

46 degrees ⇒ Active in approaching by floating a little when the lie is a little bad.

Each works as a help tool.

For those who are not good at approaching, those who can not get a sense of distance with wedges, it will be one that you can rely on in difficult situations.

Power build chipper
Power build chipper
Power build chipper
Power build chipper

Dedicated design that is strong against approach

Power build chipper
Super shallow face that prevents the top with a low center of gravity
Power build chipper

▲ Steel shaft

Power build chipper

▲ Grip


Head material stainless
Loft angle (°) 36 46
Rye angle (°) 68 68
Club length (inch) 35 34.5
Gross weight (g) 480 483
shaft Steel shaft

* The values ??in the spec table are reference values, so some errors may occur from the actual product (error ± 2).

* Head cover is not included

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