Majesty W-MOMENT Wedge Copper Chrome Finish N.S.PRO 950GH neo Steel Shaft

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Features of this product

Majesty Wedge

MAJESTY W-MOMENT WEDGE Copper chrome finish.

Majesty Wedge

Amazing sense of security Original offset neck that easily wraps around the ball.
Head shape that matches the flow of cavity irons.

Amazing smoothness
The unique rounded harpoon-shaped leading edge prevents duffing mistakes that tend to occur when approaching. Adopts flow sole design according to count depending on the purpose.

Majesty Wedge
Majesty Wedge

Amazing spin performance
Uses a milled edge groove that produces intense spin.

Carefully selected finish : Copper chrome finish that provides a secure connection with the iron.

Majesty Wedge
Majesty Wedge

▲NSPRO 950GH neo steel shaft

Majesty Wedge

▲Grip Made by Golf Pride Tour Velvet Long


head material Soft iron (8620)
finishing Copper chrome finish
Loft angle (°) 48 50 52 56 58
Lie angle (°) 63.5
Progression (mm) 3
Vance angle (°) 3 Four Five 8
Length (inch) 35.5 35.25
Total weight (g) S 440 445
R 438 443
balance D1 D2
grip name Grip Made by Golf Pride Tour Velvet Long
grip size 52g/M60R (no back line)
country of origin Assembly: Japan/China
shaft name NSPRO 950GH neo steel shaft
shaft hardness S R
Shaft weight (g) 98 94.5
Torque (°) 1.7 1.9
kick point middle tone

Release date: 2021

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