Majesty Verity VGR Club Set 10-piece set (W1, W5, U5, I6-I9, PW, SW, PT)

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The long-awaited club set from Maruman & Co. has arrived.

It is a model designed based on the Verity of the Maruman era.

Speaking of verity, it was a popular model as a series that entry golfers can easily hit.

The feeling of security when holding with a large head from the driver to the iron set is outstanding.

Designed to withstand miss hits, it is designed to be fun for beginner golfers to play.

The set includes a 10-piece set consisting of drivers, fairway woods, utilities, and irons starting from No. 6 with PW, SW, and putter.

The iron shaft is divided into carbon and steel according to its hardness, pursuing ease of swinging.

R is recommended for those with a head speed of around 40 and a driver's flight distance of around 200 to 210 yd, and S is recommended for those with a higher head speed.

This club set is recommended for those who are just starting out and those who are thinking about replacing it.

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Majesty Verity

maruman VERITY VGR
A multifunctional club set that focuses on performance with the technology of famous instruments
A new club set provided by Maruman & Co., Ltd., which has generously poured the technology cultivated through club building up to now for those who will come into contact with golf.


Majesty Verity

A driver that can fly gently
460cc large head with a large sweet area

Fairway wood

Majesty Verity


Majesty Verity

Great success with the second shot!
Fairway Wood & Utility

Tungsten weight makes it easy for the ball to rise


Majesty Verity

Easy irons designed according to count
Wide cavity structure and center of gravity flow design to expand the sweet area


Majesty Verity

Blade type putter that is easy to touch
CNC milling face that produces a straightforward rolling

Majesty Verity

▲ Shaft

Majesty Verity

▲ Grip

Majesty Verity

▲ Head cover


Count W1 W5 U5 I6 I7 I8 I9 PW SW PT
material 4-piece titanium 17-4SS, Tungsten alloy 17-4SS SUS431
Loft angle (°) 10.5 18 twenty five 28 32 36 40 45 56 Four
Rye angle (°) 61 59 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 64 72
Head volume (cc) 460 180 110 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Club length (inch) 45.25 42 38.5 37.5 37 36.5 36 35.5 35 34
Shaft material S Carbon S Steel S (NS1070) steel
R Carbon R steel
Total weight (g) S 314 332 365 423 429 435 440 447 458 545
R 308 326 360 376 382 388 394 401 412 545
balance S D1 D2 D4 ---
R D0 D2 ---
Caddy bag
material Polyester, synthetic leather
size 9.0 type 3.8kg 47 inch compatible
Mouth frame 6 divisions
accessories Acrylic name plate

Release date: August 2021

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