Callaway JAWS FULL TOE Wedge Dynamic Gold S200 Steel Shaft

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Features of this product

"Full toe" with a score line engraved to the tip of the face on Callaway "Joe's Wedge", which is highly acclaimed by contract professionals with high spin performance, has been released!

With a characteristic high toe design, the position of the center of gravity is set higher than a normal wedge, demonstrating high spin performance.

Thanks to the groove carved to the tip of the toe, the face surface can be used widely and stable spin performance is realized even if the hitting point shifts in approach shots in various situations.

Furthermore, the diagonally carved milling will firmly bite the ball even when the face is opened.

The body is plated, but the face surface is more likely to spin than it is plated with no plating.

* Because it is a non-plated face, maintenance after use is required to prevent rust.

Anyway, a wedge that specializes in spin performance. Recommended for those who control the height and spin of the ball, such as opening the face when approaching.

Callaway wedge
Callaway wedge
Callaway wedge
Callaway wedge

A ferocious spin even if you open the face! Birth of Height JAWS with a groove carved on the entire surface
From the JAWS wedge, a derivative model "JAWS FULL TOE wedge" is born. The head has a height toe shape, and the 37V groove is made into a full score line on the unplated face surface. In addition, Callaway's unique microfeatures are placed diagonally, and the upper part of the back face is also designed to be thicker on the toe side. It is designed to handle all approach shots, and is especially effective when hitting with the face open, catching the green firmly with both intense spins. We have achieved the performance to aim at the cup even in severe situations. The orthodox shape with less offset and less rounded leading edges makes it easy to hold when addressing a square. The lineup includes four types of lofts, including 58 degrees and 60 degrees, which are often used for open scenes, as well as 54 degrees and 56 degrees.

Callaway wedge

Full score line design on the unplated face surface
In various approach shots, score lines are placed on the entire face to improve spin performance. If it is not plated, the edge of the groove will be better and the maximum spin performance can be exhibited. In addition, 37V + diagonally arranged microfeatures achieve high spin performance. Demonstrates amazing spin performance on approach shots that open the face.

Callaway wedge

Height design
Since the ball is placed on the face surface from the lower side of the heel to the upper side of the toe during a lob shot, the high toe and full face score line enable the ultimate lob shot.

Callaway wedge

Optimal center of gravity design
By thickening the back face on the toe side and thinning the heel side, a more optimal center of gravity position design

Callaway wedge

▲ Dynamic Gold S200 Steel Shaft

Full score line on the head of height design
The major features of "JAWS FULL TOE Wedge" are the shape of the head and how to cut the groove on the face surface. It has a high toe design with a higher toe side than a general wedge, and in addition, it has a full score line design with a groove on the entire face from the heel to the toe. As a result, it can be used for all approach shots, and in particular, it demonstrates high spin performance even when hitting with the face open. The height toe and full score line also have the psychological advantage of making it easier to get an image of spin when you hold it open.

37V groove with high spin performance on unplated face
Like the JAWS wedge and JAWS FORGED wedge, the "JAWS FULL TOE wedge" uses a 37V groove. The 37V groove is designed with an obtuse angle, unlike the conventional method, in order to make the angle of the groove as sharp as possible under the groove regulation introduced in 2010. As a result, not only full shots, but also shots with slow head speeds, a large spin can be stably applied, and distance controllability has also improved. It feels like it bites the ball, and even when you catch the green, it grips the grass strongly. In addition, the "JAWS FULL TOE Wedge" has a chrome finish as a whole, while a non-plated finish is used only on the face surface. Since the edge of the groove is more effective than the plating process, the ability to bite the ball of the 37V groove is more demonstrated.

Diagonally placed microfeatures
Like the JAWS wedge, the "JAWS FULL TOE wedge" is equipped with many small protrusions and microfeatures between the grooves. Callaway's unique technology that creates a strong spin with a 37V groove. Moreover, in the "JAWS FULL TOE wedge", the micro features are installed diagonally. In the face-opening approach, the microfeatures are closer to a square with respect to the target, allowing for a firm spin.

Back face design with different thickness for toe and heel
In JAWS wedges, etc., the thickness of the upper part of the back face was changed for each loft to optimize the position of the center of gravity so that the required spin and trajectory would be obtained, but in "JAWS FULL TOE wedge", the idea is taken one step further. I moved forward. The upper part of the back face is divided into a heel side and a toe side, and the heel side is designed to be thin and the toe side is designed to be thick. Also, of the four ports on the back of the vance, two on the heel side are deeper. These are especially considered for the approach of hitting with the face open, which is a factor that causes a large spin on the ball passing diagonally through the face surface.


Head material / manufacturing method Soft iron casting
Head finish Chrome / Face: No plating
Loft angle (°) 54 56 58 60
Vance (°) 12 Ten
Club length (inch) 35.25 35
Rye angle (°) 64
balance D4
Club weight (g) About 470 About 473
Shaft name Dynamic Gold S200 Steel Shaft
Hardness S200
grip IOMIC Sticky Evolution 1.8 Black / Gray Shaft Mounted: Approx. 48g, Caliber 60 (5720123)
Country of origin Assembly: China, Japan, Vietnam

Release Date: September 10, 2021

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