Honma Tour World TR21X Iron Set 5-Piece (6-10) NS Pro 950GH neo Steel Shafts

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Honma Golf's flying muscle back iron "TR21X" is now available at a bargain price!

Hollow irons that enhance the ease of hitting and flight distance performance. The face has an L-shaped cup structure that enhances the repulsion performance, and the repulsion area is widened, and the top is also strong!

The head size is also slightly larger, not too big, so it's easy to hold and gives you a sense of security.

The NS950NEO shaft, which is compatible with strong loft irons, is installed, and although the 7 iron has a loft setting of 30 degrees, it is easy to hit the ball, making it an iron that is easy to carry.

Because it looks like a muscle back iron, it looks cool even in a bag, and it is an iron that is easy to hit, making it a model that suits a wide range of golfers.

It will be a special price while stocks last, so if you are interested, please purchase it as soon as possible!

Honma Iron
Honma Iron
Honma Iron

A hollow iron that is easy to hold and safe to bring out the maximum flight distance performance

With tungsten weight and high repulsion face,
Pursuing tolerance for mistakes and flight distance performance.

Honma Iron

Face : Uses C300 with excellent resilience (face thickness: 2.2mm).
The L-cup structure expands the rebound area and reduces the loss of distance even when hit at the bottom of the face (#4-7).

Filled with foam <br />Improve hitting sound and feel without reducing repulsion.

Tungsten weight <br />By embedding it in the rear of the sole, a deep and low center of gravity is achieved.
(#4: 42g / #5-7: 50g / #8-11: 73g)

Honma Iron

The head size (head length +1.4mm, head height +4.5mm), which is one size larger than the TR20 P, creates a sense of ease and security.

TP Grip

Honma Iron

HONMA original grip made by Golf Pride.
The side gripped with gloves provides a strong sense of hold, while the side gripped with bare hands provides a soft and comfortable feel.

Honma Iron

▲NSPRO 950GH neo steel shaft


Head material/manufacturing method Body: 17-4+ / Face: C300 casting
head finish 2-layer plating + half-mirror finish
Count #6 #7 #8 #9 #Ten
Loft angle (°) 26 30 34 38 43
Lie angle (°) 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5
Offset (mm) 3.4 3.1 2.8 2.6 2.4
club length (inch) 37.5 37 36.5 36 35.5
Gross weight (g) R: 410
S: 413
R: 416
S: 419
R: 423
S: 426
R: 431
S: 434
R: 441
S: 444
balance D2 D3
grip name TR Rubber
Grip weight (g) 49.5
shaft name NSPRO 950GH neo steel shaft
hardness of the shaft R. S.
Shaft weight (g) 94.5 98.0
Kick point (tone) middle tone

Release date: October 9, 2020

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