Katana Voltio Ninja Conforming Utility Speeder Evolution

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Features of this product

It is a 2019 model of Katana Golf, Ninja Utility.

This is the model released as an Asian model.

The only difference is that the paint design on the toe side is VOLTIO.

The specifications will be exactly the same as the Japanese specifications.

Ninja series packed with the latest technology of Katana Golf.

The optimum center of gravity position design greatly improves the grip of the ball.

In addition to performance, the beauty of the finish, the exhilarating sound of the ball, and the feel of the ball are unique to Katana.

The shaft is also equipped with a specially designed Fujikura speeder!

The goodness of swinging and the flexibility to accelerate the swing extend the flight distance.

Voltion Ninja Utility
Voltion Ninja Utility

● Exquisite goose design and optimal center of gravity structure make it easy to catch the ball, and it flies straight and big. ● The slit in the sole allows the entire head to bend and fly. Unique shallow shape that can be easily pulled out and swings freely ● Wide sweet area design allows for missed shots ● Fujikura Speeder latest model with shaft that can be selected by head speed and swing type

Voltion Ninja Driver

▲ Fujikura original Speeder 462 EVOLUTION (SR) carbon shaft

Voltion Ninja Driver

▲ Fujikura original Speeder 362 EVOLUTION (R) carbon shaft


This product is not covered by the warranty, such as cracked face and broken shaft.

Initial defects (such as scratches) are covered by the normal warranty. Please note on your purchase.

Model difference


Head material 17-4 stainless steel
Face material 17-4 stainless steel
Manufacturing method Precision forging
Head finish Ion plating
Count #Four #Five
Loft angle (°) twenty one twenty four
Rye angle (°) 59
Face angle (°) 1.0
Head volume (cc) 126 119
Club length (inch) 41.25 40.75
Club weight (g) 324 (R) 326 (R)
Shaft name Fujikura Original Speeder 462 EVOLUTION (SR)
Fujikura Original Speeder 362 EVOLUTION (R)
flex SR R
Shaft weight (g) 45.5 43.5
torque 6.0 6.0
balance D2 D1
Kick point First middle tone
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