Callaway Warbird Club Set 10-piece set (1W, 5W, 5I-P, SW, PT) Without caddy bag

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Features of this product

The design has been redesigned and renewed from the series that has exceeded 5,800 sets in total at our shop!

This is a club set only product that does not come with a caddy bag.

Each club has a large head and wide sweet area design, making it perfect for beginners as a set club to support golfers who want to enjoy golf easily.

In particular, the driver is designed to reduce slices, which is called a draw bias design, so it is possible to reduce the bending of the driver, which beginners tend to fall into.

The iron set also has a wide sole design that is resistant to duffing mistakes and makes it easy to hit high trajectories.

This work is also set with the Odyssey putter, which is the number one putter in the world's 6 major tours!

A safe, proven and popular club set!

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The popular Callaway club set has been renewed. A high-quality package packed with famous instruments that goes beyond the boundaries of set clubs

The WARBIRD set, which is very popular with beginners, has been renewed for the first time in three years since 2016. Every time the WARBIRD set is renewed, the high performance of the club is talked about, but this time it is also quite high level. The nine clubs, from the driver to the sand wedge, follow the head design of the X2 HOT series. In addition, Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 is adopted for the putter, which is the introduction of a high quality model. The lineup has become "beyond the set club" that even non-beginners will want to use.

Callaway Warbird Set
Callaway Warbird Set
Callaway Warbird Set
Callaway Warbird Set
Callaway Warbird Set

▲ Driver head cover

Callaway Warbird Set

▲ Head cover for fairway wood

Callaway Warbird Set

▲ Head cover for putter

Club head design based on X2 HOT

The head design of the nine clubs, excluding the putter, is based on the 2014 X2 HOT series. In addition, PVD processing is applied to the finish, and it has the performance and texture that is unmatched for a set club. The length of the driver is set to 44.5 inches. Since it is a little shorter than a normal driver, it is easy to meet and even beginners can start easily.

White Hot Pro 2.0, which was usually sold, is used for the putter.

For putters, a model that is competitive with clubs has been introduced. The regular sale White Hot Pro 2.0, which was very popular with the Odyssey's traditional White Hot inserts. The head type is the conventional blade type # 1.


Count 1W 5W 5i 6i 7i 8i 9i PW SW Putter
Head material Titanium stainless
Shaft name (hardness) Wood: WARBIRD (S / R) Iron: WARBIRD (R), Original Steel (UNI: SR equivalent)
Loft angle (°) 10.5 19 twenty three 26 30 34.5 39 44 54 3
Rye angle (°) 58.5 58 61.3 62 62.5 63 63.5 64 64 70
balance R / D0S / D1 R / D0S / D1 R / D1S / D3
Gross weight R (g) About 313 About 328 About 370 About 375 About 380 About 386 About 392 About 401 About 414 About 521
Gross weight S (g) About 318 About 330 About 416 About 420 About 424 About 430 About 436 About 446 About 455 About 521

Release Date: April 2019

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