Akira ADR Driver New Speeder Graphite Shaft

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Akira Golf ADR Driver New Speeder Carbon Shaft

1. "Suppress the rise of the ball by making the depth of the center of gravity shallow" ⇒Improve the straightness of the ball!

2. "Shortening the distance of the center of gravity improves the grip of the ball" ⇒ Eradicate slices with a fast head turn!

3. "Adopting L cup face improves repulsive force" ⇒ Increased flight distance!

By combining these three flying elements in a well-balanced manner, the highest flight distance of the ADR series (excluding high repulsion) has been achieved.

Furthermore, by changing the weight screws placed in two places (5g / 1 on the toe side and 5g / 1 on the heel side), the swing balance can be adjusted and the adjustment range of the degree of grip of the ball can be provided to obtain the optimum ball muscle. It is possible to find it.

Akira Golf ADR Driver New Speeder Carbon Shaft
Akira Golf ADR Driver New Speeder Carbon Shaft
▲ NEW SPEEDER carbon shaft


Head material (manufacturing method) Face material: Ti-5N Titanium alloy with soft feeling and strength (* L cup face) / Body material: Ti-811 Ultra-high precision casting method
Finish ――――
Loft angle (°) 9.5 10.5
Rye angle (°) 60.0
Face angle (°) +0.5
Club length (inch) 45.75
Club weight (g) S 289 284
R 289 284
Head volume (cc) 450

Original head cover

Wrench set

Weight screw (white) 3g (stainless steel) x 2

Weight screw (black) 7g (made of tungsten) x 2

Shaft name NEW SPEEDER carbon shaft
Shaft hardness S R
Shaft weight (g) 50 47 47
torque 4.8 Five
Kick point (condition) In the middle
Release date / Remarks 2014
country of origin China
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