Kasco Dolphin DW-123 Wedge Dolphin DP-231 L Graphite Shaft

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Features of this product

The 2023 model "DW-123" is now available from the Dolphin Wedge, which makes the average golfer's approach and bunkers easier!

This product adopts a newly designed sole shape "Quad Sole X" that makes it easier to approach from any lie based on the concept of not diving, not sticking, and not jumping.

Due to the effect of this unique sole shape, we are particular about not only making bunkers and approaches easier, but also thoroughly improving the shedding.

The straight neck makes it easy to set up, and the sharp design, which is a bit different from conventional dolphin wedges, is suitable for golfers of all levels, from beginners to advanced players!

Recommended for those who are not good at short games such as bunkers and approaches, and those who want to use gentle clubs but want to be a little more particular about design!

46 degrees

Kasco wedge

48 degrees

Kasco wedge

50 degrees

Kasco wedge

52 degrees

Kasco wedge

54 degrees

Kasco wedge

56 degrees

Kasco wedge
Kasco wedge
Kasco wedge
Kasco wedge
Kasco wedge
Kasco wedge
Kasco wedge

58 degrees

Kasco wedge

60 degrees

Kasco wedge

64 degrees

Kasco wedge

Dolphin wedge for female golfers who have trouble with bunkers and approaches
Looking forward to within 100 yards!

I'm not good at bunkers!
Comparison of bunker escape rate between Dolphin wedge DW-123 and general sand wedge. DW-123's bunker escape rate was 20% higher. Even if you enter a bunker, you can escape so easily that you feel lucky.
Due to the effect of the Quad Sole X, the DW-123 has less sand resistance and the sole moves smoothly in the swing direction.

Kasco wedge

A new sole that thoroughly focuses on the goodness of shedding
Change the bounce angle with the toe, center, and heel to reduce resistance during swing. Because the entire sole works, it demonstrates good omission in any situation. In addition, since the entire sole works without opening the face, there is no need to think about difficult things, and you can hit gently without changing your swing.
The new sole has a chevron shape in the toe and heel direction, adding to the conventional characteristics of not diving and sticking, and becoming a non-bouncing sole, making it easier to approach from any lie.
*Patent pending

Kasco wedge

Don't dive!
Easy escape from bunker
The unique shape prevents the club from burrowing into the sand during explosion shots and guides the club naturally in the swing direction, making it easier to escape from bunkers.
The sole width is wider than the previous model, improving the difficulty of diving. In addition, the center of gravity is designed to be low, making it easier for the ball to rise.

Kasco wedge

Don't sting!
Prevent sacking mistakes
The chevron shape with a bounce angle prevents the leading edge from getting stuck in the grass and sand.
The toe-heel direction is also chevron-shaped, making it easier to set up with a toe-up or toe-down lie.

Don't jump!
Prevent Tops and Home Runs
Resistance is reduced by shortening the contact length in the toe and heel direction.
Prevents bounces and eliminates the fear of top-notch mistakes and home runs in bunkers.
In addition, you can hold and hit without stress even in situations where the head is easily flipped in hard places such as bare ground.

Kasco wedge

Improved drawing quality
Cut bounce to eliminate unnecessary resistance.
In addition, the center part of the toe side is recessed to allow more sand to escape after an explosion shot.

Kasco wedge

Improved kindness
A wave-inspired groove is provided, and the weight is optimally distributed between the sole and the back face.
As a result, the sole surface can be widened, improving gentleness. In addition, we pursued a feeling of hitting by making the hitting part thicker.

Kasco wedge

Pursuing spin performance that stops with a squeak
■ Scoreline design
Spin performance is improved by putting the score line near the leading edge.
In addition, the interval between the scorelines has been narrowed to make the ball more grooved. The size of the radius of the groove is changed according to the count, and the optimum spin rate is achieved according to the required shot.
[46° - 52°] The approach wedge, which uses a lot of full shots and half shots with a large amount of ball crush, has increased spin performance by increasing the radius of the edge so that the contact area with the ball is larger.
[54° ~ 64°] For approach shots and bunker shots where the amount of ball crush is small, the R of the edge is reduced to improve the bite by hooking the ball, improving spin performance.

■ Fine loop milling
Precise milling of the face surface increases the smoothness of the face surface and stabilizes the shot.

Kasco wedge
Kasco wedge

▲Dolphin DP-231 L carbon shaft

Kasco wedge

▲Original rubber grip L58


head material soft iron
Loft angle (°) 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 64
club length (inch) 34.25 34
Lie angle (°) 63 63.5
bounce angle (°) Center 2 7
Heel 0 2
toe -12 -11 -Ten -9 -8 -6 -Four -2 0
balance C5 C6
grip Original Rubber L58 38g
club weight (g) 376 382
shaft name Dolphin DP-231 L Graphite Shaft
flex L.
weight (g) 39
Torque (°) 4.4
kick point first middle

Release date: March 2023

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