Kasco Red Whiteback WB-013 Putter

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Features of this product

Kasco putter
Kasco putter
Kasco putter
Kasco putter
Kasco putter

Versatile type with high total performance.
It is easy to put out a line to the target with horn type alignment.
The cup-in rate is higher than other companies' horn type putters.

Kasco putter

horn type alignment
Easy to imagine the target [horn]
In addition to the alignment common to Red9/9, the horn type alignment that extends to the rear makes it easy to draw a line to the target and the stroke is stable.
It's easy to see the direction the face is facing when you hold it.
[Recommended for people whose stroke is not stable]

Kasco putter

Hold straight and hit straight!
A design that makes it easier to match the direction by placing the vertical line parallel to the top line on the back side and the three lines perpendicular to the top line in the center.
In addition, the center shaft straight type is mounted straight from the center of the face, so when you look down, the face and the target are at right angles, making it easy to match the launch direction.
Furthermore, by adopting a bi-color neckline, you can always hold it in front of your body with a visual effect that connects the shaft to the top line in a straight line.

Kasco putter

Loft angle 1.5°
Create the ideal roll!
By adopting a loft angle of 1.5°, which is compatible with the center shaft, it is easy to apply forward rotation and the ball rolls forward as expected.
Due to the visual effect of alignment, you can hit at any time with this good rolling loft angle of 1.5°, and the rolling will be stable.

Kasco putter

Deep center of gravity design
Stable stroke!
The head is a combination of different materials: light duralumin (specific gravity 2.8g/cm3) and heavy stainless steel (specific gravity 7.9g/cm3). A general horn type putter has no weight on the back side and the depth of the center of gravity is shallow, whereas the WB-013 (horn) places the weight on the back side, deepening the center of gravity and increasing the moment of inertia.

Shaft & Grip Easy to hit!
Adopts a very thick shaft that is visually stable. At 128g, which matches the weight of the head, the inertia from the take-back enables ideal putting like a pendulum. In addition, by adopting a large-diameter grip, it is possible to suppress the movement of the wrist and create a stable stroke.

Kasco putter

▲Original shaft for Red9/9

Kasco putter

▲Original grip for Red9/9

Kasco putter

milling head
Create a soft touch!
The impressive bright red head is made by carving one by one, so there is no individual difference. Also, red is a bullish color that will boost your mood towards the cup. The face surface uses a “diamond cut” that reduces the contact area at impact and creates a soft touch. Furthermore, even if the toe side floats during the stroke, the "heel round sole" makes it difficult for the heel side to poke, so there is little change in the height of the hit point and it is difficult to poke, reducing mistakes even with long putts with a large swing width.


head material duralumin + stainless steel
Club No. Red 9/9 WB-013
Loft angle (°) 1.5
Lie angle (°) 72
club length (inch) 34
shaft Original shaft for Red9/9
Shaft weight (g) 128
grip Original grip for exclusive use of Red9/9
Grip weight (g) 63
country of manufacture Japan

*Because the head material is machined from duralumin and is soft, be sure to use the included special head cover when not using putting.
*Please be careful when handling the putter head and shaft as they are easily damaged when putting them in the putter tube of the cart.

Release date: October 7, 2022

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