Kasco Dolphin DW-120G BLUE Wedge R NS Pro 950GH BLUE Steel Shaft

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Features of this product

Kasco Dolphin Wedge

Dolphin wedge DW-120G
A wedge that even people who are not good at bunker can easily escape.

Kasco Dolphin Wedge
Kasco Dolphin Wedge

Newly designed quad sole

Golfers who do not open the face even in the bunker and golfers who are not good at hitting with the face open have developed the concept of "a wedge that can easily escape from the bunker" than the conventional dolphin wedge.
The sole shape that Dolphin Wedge has been paying attention to has been pursued for further gentleness, ease of pulling out, and operability.

Kasco Dolphin Wedge

New semi-gooseneck model with quad sole

The leading edge of the DW-120G is set 3.5mm behind the straight neck (DW-118).
Designed to hit the ball with the image of a hump, making it easy to catch the ball.
In addition to simply using a gooseneck, Zack Limis, which is often found in gooseneck, has been eliminated by adjusting the bounce angle.

Kasco Dolphin Wedge

New structure heel groove

■ Reduces head shake due to variation in hit points, and pursues directional stability of the hit ball in the event of a missed shot.

Kasco Dolphin Wedge

By suppressing the weight on the heel side and distributing the weight to the toe side, the position of the center of gravity and the hitting point position are brought closer.
The force at the time of impact is applied to the ball more efficiently, the head shake due to the variation of the hitting point is reduced, and the directional stability of the hitting ball is improved.

Upside down Fuji design by count / Fine loop milling

■ We pursued spin performance that stops with a squeak.

Kasco Dolphin Wedge

By milling the face surface, the smoothness of the face surface is increased and the shot is stable.

Kasco Dolphin Wedge

Reasons for the 64 ° lineup

About 70% of average golfers hit with their faces open during bunker shots.
However, when the face is opened, it is difficult to get the image of swinging in the target direction, and mistakes are likely to occur.
As a result of investigating the angle when the 56 ° wedge was held open (face opened), it was found that "56 ° wedge held open" = "64 ° wedge held square". The DW-118 is a wedge for golfers who hold a square and approach simply without opening the face. For bunker shots, we have added a lineup of 64 ° that creates the same situation as when the wedge is opened even if you hold it in a square and hit it.

Kasco Dolphin Wedge

▲ NS PRO 950GH BLUE Color clear finish Steel shaft

Kasco Dolphin Wedge

▲ Original rubber M60 grip


loft 50 52 56 58 60
Head material / face material (manufacturing method) Soft iron
Rye angle (°) 63 63.5
balance D2 D3
Club length (inch) 35.25 35
Club weight (g) 441 446
grip Original rubber M60
Release date May 29, 2021
Country of origin Japan
Shaft name NSPRO 950GH BLUE Color clear finish Steel shaft
Shaft hardness R
Shaft weight (g) 94.5
torque 2.0
Kick point (condition) During ~

Release Date: May 29, 2021

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