Kasco Dolphin DRW-119 DFW-119 Wedge

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Features of this product

Running wedges and flying wedges are introduced from Kasco's popular series Dolphin!

Running wedge

As its name suggests, it can be rolled and rolled in a 39-degree loft. Of course around the green and in the flower path, golfers with a score of around 100 are likely to fall

Approaching the left foot after falling over the green, approaching the left foot rising after slightly removing the green, etc.

It is very effective when used with a slightly troubled lie. The sole is thick, so you can move forward even if it is a little rough.

It is a tool that is very easy to use as a help tool for Tori One.

Flying wedge

A wedge that can be used to approach a bunker with a loft angle of 55 degrees.

Recommended for those who do not like sand wedges and those who do not understand the image of rolling.

As a personal feeling, 39 degrees was overwhelmingly easy to use.

It's a perfect tool for a gathering one, so it's recommended for around 100 golfers!

Dolphin DRW-119

Dolphin shape that is nice but cool
It's cool just to have it, and although it doesn't look like a helper club, it's a club that can help. A shape that a wide range of golfers can hold without feeling discomfort.

■ Crank-like neck Neck shape with the shaft end floating from the ground in the image of the crank neck of a putter. It is easy to make a straight stroke with the feel of a putter. Reduces shank.

■ Thick grip
Uses a thick grip that does not change the direction of the face and is easy to stroke like a putter. It gives you a sense of security when you hold it.

■ Leading edge
A straight leading edge shape that makes it easy to match the face direction to the target. In addition, since it is thick and round, it does not easily get stuck in the grass, reducing backpack mistakes.

■ High face
By designing the face height higher, it is stronger than the chipper and can be used in a wide range of situations. ■ Heavy club Because the club is heavy, the head does not shake easily during the swing and you cannot lose the grass.

Dolphin DRW-119
Kasco Golf Wedge


Material Soft iron
Model number DRW-119 DFW-119
Loft angle (°) 39 55
Lie angle (°) 67
Vance angle (°) Center 0
Heel 0
Toe 0
Club length (inch) 33 34 33 34
Grip thickness Mid size Jumbo size Mid size Jumbo size
Club weight (g) 519 539 519 539
Country of manufacture Japan
Shaft name Nippon Shaft Dolphin Original Shaft
Weight (g) 100
Torque (°) 1.7
Kick point Middle tone

Release date: March 2019

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